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High Performance

We’re in the use of specialized equipment to diagnose and improve vehicle performance. The Dynamometer not only helps calibrate powertrain control modules or stand-alone engine management systems relating to off-highway vehicles, it will also help diagnose unique, problematic chassis, suspension and brake noise, at any speed, without the vehicle leaving the shop!


The Dynamometer also possess the capability of assisting in data acquisition on diagnostics that exceed the OBD2 (On Board Diagnostics 2) at very unique conditions that are set via freeze frame data. Papini’s Garage offers the Dynamometer as a competitive edge, offering customers a method of substantially reducing diagnostic times on intermittent “check engine light” codes, drive train noise, vibration, and much more.

 Papini’s Garage offers a unique system of services within our High-Performance department in response to the shift in consumer tastes toward cars, trucks, SUVs, and off-highway vehicles. Below is a representation of High-Performance services offered to this unique customer market:

  • Powertrain control module calibration via Dynamometer

  • Turbocharger installation

  • Supercharger installation

  • Fuel system modification and installation

  • Cooling system modification

  • Stand-alone engine management installation and calibration

  • Motorsports Grade wiring

  • Driveline modification

  • Suspension installation

  • Suspension Leveling and Alignment

  • Fuel injector cleaning and testing

  • Data acquisition via Dynamometer

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