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Coilover/Lowering Spring install - $1150 Labor w/Alignment (Parts not included)

Stop The Hop Ultimate kit install: $750 Labor w/Alignment (Parts not included)

MagneRide Controller Kit Install: $450 Labor Without Shaker System/ $650 With Shaker System (Parts Not Included)

Lowering Spring and Stop The Hop Ultimate kit install: $1350 Labor w/Alignment (Parts not included)

Oil Pump Gear/ Crank Sprocket install - $3250 Labor (Parts not included)

Exhaust Manifold Install - $1500 Labor (Parts not included)

Catback Exhaust install: $350 Labor (Parts not included

Resonator Delete: $350 Labor (Parts Not included)

Fuel Injector Install - $1100 Labor (Parts not included)

Super Charger Removal and install - $1425 Labor (Parts not included)

Super Charger Intercooler Brick install - $1325 Labor (Parts not included)

Super Charger Pulley install - $400 Labor (Parts not included)

Long Block Replacement : $5525 Labor (Parts Not Included)

Short Block Replacement: $6275 Labor (Parts Not Included)

Dyno Calibration - $1050 (This is due the PCM and TCM requiring 8 HP Tuners Credits for both Engine and Transmission)

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